The Return of the Clutch Bag

15 Sep 2016 | By ADMIN

It’s the 1980’s once more, with the clutch bag firmly back on the fashion radar and determined to be bold and structured with an image that is ideal for a retro power dresser.

And in an age where the technology in our bags has a price tag worth protecting, choosing a clutch with a hardened exterior is as sensible a decision as it is a contemporary hit. Materials like mother of pearl are exquisitely luxurious and exceedingly pleasing to the eye, and also keep all that precious and expensive stuff safe on even the most raucous of nights out. 



Babe Rococo clutch bag


Can’t choose between black or white? Well make your fashion life easy with a high gloss clutch that does all the hard work for you. Who doesn’t have a wardrobe with whole sections dedicated to these colour basics, and what they may lack in visible vibrancy, they more than make up for with their undeniable touch of class.



Rocio Rihanna monochrome clutch bag


When the occasion demands a higher level of glamour and a definite sprinkle of preciousness, then remember that all that glitters IS gold. Nobody ever said that a strongly structured clutch couldn’t be feminine and this look proves that a hardened exterior produces an interior that can melt hearts.


Babe Prism clutch bag


But if you really must go all soft on us, then make it worth the effort. Choose a clutch with a personality so strong that people won’t be able to help but stop and stare. There’s no law that says you can’t go shiny in the day, and no law that states that a clutch has to be just for day or just for night, so just let your mood dictate your clutch style.



Benedetta Bruzziches Carmen Balloon bag


Like eccentric? A clutch bag may seem like it can’t ooze too much quirkiness in such a small space, but we are proud to wholeheartedly disagree. Boost your style confidence by wearing a clutch that is as individual as you are, with almost space-age structures added to seemingly plain bags transforming transporting your essentials dramatically.



Mawi box clutch


Love a strap? If you crave versatility, then choose a clutch that thinks it’s a shoulder bag, or choose a shoulder bag that desires to be a clutch. Whichever option you choose, the result is the same – a look that screams designer tastes and gives you choice of how to wear it.



Golden Lane mini shoulder bag worn by model


But if you have to have just one clutch to idolise for a lifetime, then make it as special as special can be. Something that is different will always make you feel glad to be alive, and one statement clutch can easily override fashion faux pas and dominate your overall look. It’s called style perfection.



Benedetta Bruzziches Magic Mirror clutch